A Thank You Note from a Student

So, tonight at class, one of the 8-9 year old boys came up to me and handed me an envelope with my name on it. I was immediately curious as to what this could be as I watched him walk over to Mr. Mc and hand him an envelope also. I opened it and here is what he had written,

Dear Miss ____,

 Thank you for teaching us Tae Kwon Do. Thank you for teaching me all the stuff to protect myself. Congratulations on getting your black belt. Love, Z

So simple, but  sweet. I was simultaneously surprised and impressed because although this kid isn't the most difficult to get through, he does have a tendency to disrupt the other kids by talking during class and in the beginning especially, talking back to my instructors. I am noticing a difference in him - slowly, but surely - but that's what matters.

Small things like this remind me of just how much I enjoy teaching. 


The Strongest Karate said...

Thats a really nice gesture.

Saundra Tosh said...

It's so sweet of the boy to make that letter. As a teacher, this letter definitely means a lot to you. It shows that you have touched that boy's life by teaching him self-defense. :)

muay thai natomas said...

A nice and appreciation letter from a happy student. Harmony and passion is existing among students and teachers.

Becca Blossoms said...

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