My Story Part 2

Okay, well now I'm going to pick up where I left off.

"...I don't think it was too long until I was tested for my green stripe."

Anway, so now I'm taking from Mr. S and Mr. H in the gym of a local church. There's a pretty good number of students (about 10-20) that are also in the same class.

To make a long story short -- class went on as usual and I hung out at green belt with stripe for quite awhile. I won't go into anymore details on that part. We moved to another church and stayed there for quite a bit, then were moved to the gym, and then finally to the side building where there is a small gym that's used for the church's lunchroom.

This past December, me and a younger boy tested for our blue and yellow belts respectively. What was so great was that although we were the only two students there on the last class before Christmas holiday, five black belts showed up. Actually, we weren't even going to be tested until the next year, but thankfully the instructors changed their minds. :)

So now it's back to the present. It's the month of June 2008 and we are still in that little side building. Our class has grown quite a bit and we average at least 8-10 students at the very least every Tuesday. I'm the highest ranking belt right now seeing as the other blue belt tested in January. We're having more and more black belts starting to come besides our regular ones. This past week we had five and eleven students. I'm currently in the process of training for my brown belt (3rd kyu) and I hope to reach that sometime this year. In the meantime, I have my hands full with learning, teaching, and practicing at home (which I need to do more of). Oh, and we're having a red belt from GA come in this Saturday to test for his 1st Dan! *excited*

There's my somewhat rushed story. Believe me, I could have gone into a lot more detail.


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