2016 - Setting New Goals

With the start of a new year, I've been working on setting new goals for myself to help motivate myself. Not having anything really set in stone has been difficult for me, so I decided it's time to change that. I'm still working on a timeline for these, but I've started working seriously.

Here's what I'm working on.

1. Started on a MMA / martial arts based workout program at home called TapoutXT. I had started it before, but decided it's time to finish it. Currently on Day 2 of 90.

2. Making an effort to drink more water, eat smaller portions, and eat healthier.

3. Currently working on setting a goal for my 2nd Dan test. I want to be at my very best both mentally and physically. I know about all of the material I'll be tested on, but I need to work on the rough spots and improve overall. No date yet, but I'll update when I set it.

4. Started training with escrima sticks with my instructor again. He's bee out of state for the past two years, so now that he's back, I'm getting back on track with where we left off.

5. Working on a daily schedule to incorporate workouts, training, and practice. It helps me to have a "to do" list to check off what I've done or not done every day.


blackbeltsuze said...

Good luck with your goals!

blackbeltsuze said...

Good luck with your goals!

White Buffalo: An American Prophecy said...

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boxinglover9 said...
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boxinglover9 said...

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Kouhei Tsukuda said...

Hello Ariel,
I have been reading through your blog with great interest. If I might ask, how did you do with your resolutions? Were you able to meet some or all of your goals? I am deeply interested.

Especially, how is the escrima going? I like escrima, it is an art with such practical applications, I feel that everyone should have at least some training in it.

Have you set a date for your second dan? I so much enjoyed your article about your first dan test, and the emotions you experienced - so beautifully written, it would touch a chord in anyone who had done their dan test. And I especially enjoyed the part about you liking to wear a black gi at last! :)

And then I liked your blog post about your first day as a teacher!

I look forward with deep interest to your next post! Keep writing!
- Tsukuda

Kai Parker said...

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Unknown said...

Incorporating a good diet with your martial arts training is a must! Good post! Looking forward to more.

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