No More Mat Burn. . . .Here's to Hoping

I thought I had solved my mat burn problem.

After searching through a lot of forums and a few articles, I set out to the store to buy athletic tape and also some first aid tape to wrap up the mat burn on my foot which was still healing. Before Jiu-Jitsu on Saturday, I wrapped my foot up nice and tight so that the mats wouldn't have a chance at making the sore spot worse,  then headed to class.

Throughout the class, I was careful to not let the tops of my feet rest on the mats. I made it through the warmup and drilling (the first half or so of class) without causing another burn or irritating the one I taped. At this point, I was feeling happy with my solution.

The problem came during rolling. The tape stayed on, but I had gotten too close to the edge of the mats without realizing it. I was on my knees, and when I shot in for a takedown, my foot found carpet. In the past, I've never felt the burn until after class. I felt this one immediately. Cue pain and I was sure there was going to be blood involved. I was in the middle of the roll with about a minute left on the clock, so I kept going anyway. When I sat down to watch the others, my foot was starting to bleed, and this burn was bigger than the others.

Darn it.

All my barefoot years of Tae Kwon Do have built up callouses on the bottom of my feet, but the tops of my feet are obviously very soft and wimpy.

I wanted to tough it out because I'm used to going barefoot, but when I keep adding new burns every week. . . I decided enough was enough. I  caved and bought some of these to help protect my girly feet.

These are Toe Sox for Pilates, Yoga, Martial Arts, etc. etc. As soon as they get here and I try them out in class, I'll write a review and post it. I've never liked toe socks before, so we'll see how these do.


Felicia said...

Ariel, I thought of you the other day while I was in the dance store (picking up shoes for my son the dance major/karateka). Anyway, they have these things for dancers that look like little pairs of undies that have grips (think suede) on the bottom but prtect the tops of your feet. They only go a little past the toes, but I thought they might work if these don't. Find them here:

Ariel said...

Felicia, you are awesome! Those look like they'd be perfect! I'll have to try them out.

boxinglover9 said...

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