16 Days Before the Test - Practice Makes Perfect

With only sixteen days left until my test, I'm trying to fit extra practice time into my schedule. I'm working extra on my cardio to improve my stamina as much as possible, writing down things I need to work on, and writing out what I want to say when presenting my self defense scenarios.

My test has overtaken almost every waking thought...literally. I've caught myself thinking about self defense in the middle of church and imagining my techniques working. When I go to bed, I'm awake for longer than normal because I can't help but go over forms in my head.

Tuesday night at class, Mr. G and Mr. Mc were opening up boxes from an order they had made with Century. I was getting ready for class and glancing over every few seconds because I had an idea of what was going to come out of one of those boxes. My black belt. Mr. G held it up for me to see, told me not to touch, but to look and see how pretty it was, and how pretty it will be with my name embroidered on it. I'm sure I was wide eyed as I stared at my belt. Mine. Well, mine in sixteen more days.


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The Strongest Karate said...

Good luck!

And if you forget what you're doing, the most important thing is to DONT STOP. The "points" you loose by missing technique might be partially made up by improvisation and resilience.