My Introduction to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Tonight in class we had a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu work out with us by invitation from one of our black belts. It's a rare thing when we have a guest in class, but when we do have one, I am always excited to be able to see other arts up close and personal, rather than just reading or watching a Youtube video about them. Our town is small and there are only a couple martial arts schools within a twenty minute drive that I am aware of. BJJ is not one that I was aware of.

Mr. M ran us through a quick warm up, then we pulled the mats out and got started. Our BJJ guest grabbed blue belt J.G. and began talking to us and demonstrating some options from the guard position. I don't remember half of the terms that he used, but I was fascinated by the guy's quickness and the fluidity in which he transitioned from position to position. I've watched a fair bit of MMA on tv, so I've seen grappling before, but there's just something about watching it in person when you're only two feet away.

The blue belts and above were told that they could participate. I hung back for a while and just watched the guys who were working on a triangle choke, but then Mr. G turned around and asked me when I was going to try. I decided "why not" and jumped in. Here's a video of a triangle choke.

All I've ever trained in is stand-up, so being on the ground was completely new territory for me. It was actually exciting, starting as a beginner in something completely new to me. I don't remember what the other technique we worked on was called, but I really liked the triangle choke.

The rest of the night, I watched the other students and the black belts work on some takedowns, and then Mr. G showed BJJ guy some Silat techniques and other techniques that we do. I wish our two hour class could have been stretched out for another hour at least. Our time went by way too fast. I wanted to work more on BJJ.

After class dismissed and we thanked our guest for coming, Mr. G talked to me about our upcoming visit to our sister school. Apparently, we're leaving either Saturday night or Sunday morning to go work out in Mr. R.S.'s four hour class. They work on grappling in their class, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to continue learning more groundfighting.

I'm so excited about working out for four hours in an adult class that only accepts students ages 16 and up that I almost can't sit still as I type this. I like all of the people in our class, but the adults are outnumbered by the kids. We have four or five who are ages 10-12, then a 13 year old, a 14 year old, an 18 year old, myself, and one guy in his 30's. Our class is pretty small, so having people my age or older to work with and partner with is something I'm looking forward to.

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Felicia said...

Sounds like you had fun, Ariel :-)

I went to a sister class - in jujitsu, ironically - Monday night. Loved it - so much so I will be training there for a bit once a week. The ground game, as well as the stand-up self-defense that leads to the ground game - is definitely stuff I need to work on, so I'm feeling you on that one...

Have a blast training with the "big people" (as one of my students calls adult martial artists) :-)