Tornadoes in the South

Yesterday, the South was hit by a barrage of tornadoes that swept through the area from early morning and stayed with us all day and much of the night. I was glued to the tv all day, watching these massive tornadoes develop right before my eyes and tear up city after city. I'm thankful that we were safe from the majority of the storms, but there was still wind damage nearby that brought down trees and branches.

Today, the sun is shining and the skies are a bright blue, but one only has to turn on the television to see the sheer destruction that the tornadoes left behind. The last time I checked, there are 269 people confirmed dead in several states, and rescue efforts are still going on. I have relatives and friends whose houses were in the path of the tornado.

Keep these families who were impacted in your thoughts and prayers.


secondladder said...

Yes, those tornadoes were horrific. Saw them a while ago on the news. It's almost unbelievable, all these natural disasters coming one after another, and around the world. :(

secondladder said...

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SueC said...

I'm glad you're okay Ariel. You people in the US seem to have more than your fair share of natural disasters from tornadoes to hurricanes, to volcano eruptions and earthquakes, not to mention extreme weather and temperatures. Remind me never to moan about the weather in Britain - it's nothing like the stuff you Americans have to put with!

I hope your relatives and friends are okay.

Felicia said...

Pretty scary stuff! Glad you and yours are OK as well.