Anxiously Waiting for Class Tonight

I'm really not sure what tonight's class will consist of, but I am itching for 6:30 to get here so I can find out. I've been walking into class at 5 'o clock almost ever since the kids class was moved to 5:30pm-6:30pm. Being there early gives me additional time to warm up, practice, and ask the black belts questions before class if I have them.

We've been working on a variety of things the past few weeks. I'm actually not certain what most of the other students have been working on, because I have been pulled aside and worked with on my self defense while the other black belts worked with the group.

Last week, we had a really good class on joint manipulations. There were only three green belts, a yellow belt with stripe (getting ready for his green belt), an adult white belt, and myself. I was asked to help with the demonstration, which meant that I got to be uke. Also, I was expected to actively assist with the teaching once the initial lesson of elbow manipulation was finished. I really wasn't satisfied with how I did on assisting. I feel that I've only scraped the surface on joint manipulations, so I mainly watched and was able to assist a little. Anyway, when were lined up and about to dismiss class for the night, Mr. G told us that he would like to continue working on this for the next few weeks.

However, after class, I found out that my instructors are planning on testing me for my stripe soon. In Mr. G's words, "You should come to class expecting to be tested any day now." I had absolutely no idea that I was this close, so I have been doing all I can to prepare for it this week. They did not tell me for certain what I would be tested on. The bare minimum is my 8 self defense techniques and free sparring. Somehow I don't think they will stop there. I may have to demonstrate what I mentioned and everything thing else required for the previous ranks. I am trying, but I have found that it's hard to concentrate on ironing out details on one technique when you have to prepare for whatever they decide to have you do.

My instructors do not announce testing dates. They might hint that you have one coming up, or "If you keep working hard like this, then you can expect to test soon," but rarely do they tell a student the day that they will test outright.

If I don't test tonight, then maybe a few others will. The black belts have been hinting at testing the yellow belt I mentioned earlier, and also a green belt or two. Even if tonight is not my night, I would love to see the others test. They've been working hard, and even I am getting anxious waiting for them to get their testing opportunity.

Tonight is going to be a good night regardless.


SueC said...

Good luck on your testing!

We don't do this individual based testing in our club. Club gradings are held every month on a weekend and all students who are ready are invited to come and grade. This means that there may be up to 16 students grading together over about 3 or 4 different belts. Consequently grading takes a long time as the grading officer alternates between segments of each belt syllabus. My last grading lasted 5 hours! For a lot of that time we were just practising the next segment inbetween coming forward to grade. It's certainly a test of patience and mental strength - it's hard to maintain concentration for such a long time, not to mention being physically exhausting!

This contrasts with my kobudo gradings which, though held on special grading days infront of a grading officer you've never met before, you are at least graded individually on the mats. My last kobudo grading only lasted 15 minutes so wasn't nearly as exhausting!

Ariel said...

Thanks, Sue. No test quite yet, but one of my instructors did look at one of my forms, a couple of my kicks, and asked if I had all eight of my self defense techniques ready.

At the other school I was a part of for a few years, we did the same kind of group testing you mentioned. But then again, there were about forty or so students testing at a time.

And five hours? That does sound exhausting! At my other school's group testings, they did it by belt rank, so when you were finished you were done for the day.