Belts and Birthdays

This post is going to be fairly short because.....

It's my birthday today and I don't know if I'm going to have much more of an opportunity to sit here in the peace and quiet and write this blog post. This afternoon I'm going to be helping bake and frost cupcakes for tonight's Trunk or Treat at church. I'm really looking forward to that, but once I leave for the first thing I mentioned, I probably won't be back until really late.

Anyway, there is something that I want to mention before I go. Wait, I don't want to mention it. I'd rather shout it out, but for the safety of everyone's eardrums, I'll refrain.

You may have noticed something new about a certain belt rank that's pictured on the right side of this post. Last Tuesday night, my instructors surprised me with...well, I really don't know what to call it. It really wasn't a least, I don't think it was. Ahem. Anyway, They had me do one full form, a side kick with both legs, and then the very beginning of 2nd advance form. After that...they awarded me a stripe on my blue belt. To say that I was surprised is an understatement. I was completely and utterly shocked. In a good way though. Definitely a good way.

They also told me that this doesn't mean that now my brown belt test day will be extended to some time in the future. I could be tested next week, two weeks from now, etc. It depends on me as to when they test me.

And with that, I will end with one final line.

I hate these surprise test dates. They drive me insane with all the waiting.

P.S. Have a Happy and safe Halloween!


Felicia said...

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and congratulate you on your stripe! Whoo-Hoo! Quite an early birthday gift, huh?

Surprise tests are always, well, surprising. But know that your instructors wouldn't put you through the paces if they didn't think you were ready to advance. Your hard work and dedication is what they see and you are awarded for that accordingly.

So, keep up the good work! And I'll be anxiously waiting for your update about your new ranking whenever it happens :-)

All the best to you,

Martial Arts Mom said...

I must say there is something to say for NOT having time to freak out beforehand, second guess yourself, etc. But the prep time is also good for you too. Whatever the case, a belated happy b-day and congrats on the stripe!

CrimsonPhoenix said...

Felicia, thank you for the birthday wishes and congrats! Yes, I think that the stripe was one of my favorite early birthday gifts ever. :)I'm hoping to update very soon -- perhaps in a couple of weeks? about testing for brown belt. I'm so excited and nervous right now.

MAM, too true, too true. I see what you mean. I am starting to enjoy the prep time now. I've never been given this kind of opportunity and I'm making full use of it -- practicing more, getting my instructors to critique me as much as possible... now I feel better because I can see some improvement. Thanks for the b-day wishes and congrats!