Snowed In

Well, this is a rare event for the south. Not only is it snowing, but we are up to about six inches of accumulation so far, and the powder is still falling. It's not expected to stop until early morning. The yard, the driveway, the roads....everything in sight is covered. For my friends who live in other places than the south, this might seem like nothing compared to what you may get, but for us, this is about as close to a "blizzard" as we'll ever get. We're officially snowed in, and I'm loving it! The schools are closed tomorrow, the grocery stores are sold out of bread and milk... and I've heard that the Wal-marts are officially closed.

I'm excited to get out in the snow tomorrow morning to build a few snowmen and a fort and try to sled. I don't even own a sled, but I'll improvise somehow. I've already been out in the snow tonight and I went to the top of our hill to check the road conditions. On my way back down, I took extra care not to slip. Luckily I didn't, but it made me quickly run over the different breakfalls I know in my head just in case I did slip. I may in fact have to put them to use tomorrow.

I was looking forward to being snowed in when it was first announced until I came to the realization that we may be getting even more snow or freezing rain on Tuesday. With this being the south where snow is not common (in fact, the one or two times that it does snow every year it either does not stick, or we only get a dusting or an inch or two), the roads are probably not going to be clear, or at the very least, they may be iced over. My main Tae Kwon Do class is on Tuesday. With a sinking feeling, I realized that I may not be able to even get out of my driveway to get to class. Even if I do, I'm hesitant about there being ice on the roads.

I can think of one consolation if I don't make it to class. I've always wanted to try training in the snow. It looks like I may get the chance to. I'll update with another post soon with how that goes.